Travel, address, living, food, cloths etc

Addresses and time 

AF Borgen Lund - Sandgatan 2

16th July 2022 14.00


Recommended living

We have a disccounted deal with these two hotels. We hope you enjoy your stay. 

1. Best Western Hotel Lund

Should be resereved via email or phone :

Phone: +46 46 378 00 70

Reservation id/nr for the guest: 043435 (Aida & Martin wedding)

Studio Small, 1 person: 941 SEK
Studio Large, 2 person: 1211 SEK
Studio Superior (balcony): 1346 SEK

Reservation by 15th Jun for this price.


2. Hotel Concordia 

Should be resereved via email or phone :

Phone: +46 46 13 50 50

Reservation id/nr for the guest: Aida & Martin wedding

Double Room: 2 people: 895 SEK

Website :



Due to Covid 19, we strongly suggest you to get vaccinated. You can check the updates on travel restrictions to Sweden on: 20of, applies% 20until% 2031% 20March% 202022 .



Formal dress code / Suit



We suggest you to fly to Copenhagen airport (CPH) if you are flying from outside Sweden. 

From CPH, you could take the Direct train ´´Öresundståg´´ to Lund Center. It takes about 35 Minutes.  

for more info:



Kindly let us know about your Allergies and Diet Restrictions (Vegan, Vegeterian, ...) In RSVP



For our guests who would like to bring their lovely kids to the wedding, we have arranged one of the rooms in the wedding building and hired a nanny to care for the kids. There Will be food, candy, supervision, tv and and games. 



The only pet that will be at the wedding is our dear little Macy